Look to the past to see the future

I came across  a great tweet the other day, pretty much sums up the whole marriage equality debate being had across the world:

All this has happened before. All this will happen again. ~ Scrolls of Pythia, Battlestar Galatica

Pretty happy that I come from a country that recognizes the rights and privileges for my LGBTWTF friends – it’s not 100% perfect yet, but it’s getting there.

Under NZ law, gay couples can get a civil union, but not marriage – the only technical difference is terminology, and due to a poorly structured bit of legalization, a gay couple can’t adopt, as it explicitly requires a “married” couple.

I’m hopeful that it won’t be too much longer before we can fix that final bit of legalization to make a civil union or marriage available to any couple and have exactly equal standing. :-)

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3 Responses to Look to the past to see the future

  1. Jethro Carr says:

    Incase you’re wondering LGBTWTF, there’s a huge amount of variation in the LGBT* acronym and disagreement about what they encompass, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT#Variants

  2. Kyhwana says:

    Also note, you have to be _married_ to adopt as a couple, so gay couples can’t adopt kids.

    • Jethro Carr says:

      Yup, as per my statement in my post. :-)

      Stupid bit of legalization, particularly since I believe it’s legal for a single parent to adopt?

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