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The Proprietary Renaissance

noun, re·nais·sance often attributive \ˌre-nə-ˈsän(t)s, -ˈzän(t)s, -ˈsäⁿs, -ˈzäⁿs, ˈre-nə-ˌ, chiefly British ri-ˈnā-sən(t)s\ : a situation or period of time when there is a new interest in something that has not been popular in a long time : a period of … Continue reading

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A manifesto of freedom

We are living in an interesting time. A time where the strong moral bastions of freedom, free speech and civil liberties are under attack in such a strong, aggressive and global manner , arguably unseen for almost 70 years in … Continue reading

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Yeah, nah, you’re fucked as bro

Today the New Zealand government passed some rather nasty legalisation on a slim 2 vote majority, thanks to the current conservative National party and their political allies, despite strong public opposition and large number of submissions. This new legalisation is … Continue reading

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The EFF has put together a handy website for anyone looking to replace some of their current proprietary/cloud controlled systems with their own components. You can check our their guide at: http://prism-break.org/ Generally it’s pretty good, although I have concerns … Continue reading

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Packets Citizen!

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks of developments in the technology freedom space, with the information about PRISIM in the USA coming to light, ASIC over extending it’s interpretation of law and blocking 250,000 websites in AU and the … Continue reading

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Communications Tribunal? No thanks!

I’ve been extremely concerned to read about the plans to introduce a communications tribunal in New Zealand, an organization which will have disturbing powers such as being able to determine the criminality of “offensive content” online. Tech Liberty is doing … Continue reading

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Look to the past to see the future

I came across  a great tweet the other day, pretty much sums up the whole marriage equality debate being had across the world: Pretty happy that I come from a country that recognizes the rights and privileges for my LGBTWTF … Continue reading

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Leave them kids alone!

I’ve been reading a disturbing number of articles lately advocating and promoting software solutions for the monitoring of children’s smartphones and computers. I don’t have too much issue with children having software on their computers for filtering access to the … Continue reading

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Mozilla Collusion

This week Mozilla released an add-on called Collusion, an experimental extension which shows and graphs how you are being tracked online. It’s pretty common knowledge how much you get tracked online these days, if you just watch your status bar … Continue reading

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Die Flash, Die!

“I hated flash whilst it was still cool!” — Jethro Carr, Internet Hipster Adobe Flash has to be one of the more polarizing internet technologies out there, people either love it or hate it, but either way, it’s difficult to … Continue reading

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