Varnish DoS vulnerability

The Varnish developers have recently announced a DoS vulnerability in Varnish (CVE-2013-4484) , if you’re using Varnish in your environment make sure you adjust your configurations to fix the vulnerability if you haven’t already.

In a test of our environment, we found many systems were protected by a default catch-all vcl_error already, but there were certainly systems that suffered. It’s a very easy issue to check for and reproduce:

# telnet failserver1 80
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Host: foo
Connection closed by foreign host.

You will see the Varnish child dying in the system logs at the time:

Oct 31 14:11:51 failserver1 varnishd[1711]: Child (1712) died signal=6
Oct 31 14:11:51 failserver1 varnishd[1711]: child (2433) Started
Oct 31 14:11:51 failserver1 varnishd[1711]: Child (2433) said Child starts

Make sure you go and apply the fix now, upstream advise applying a particular configuration change and haven’t released a code fix yet, so distributions are unlikely to be releasing an updated package to fix this for you any time soon.

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