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Ruby Net::HTTP & Proxies

I ran into a really annoying issue today with Ruby and the Net::HTTP class when trying to make requests out via the restrictive corporate proxy at the office. The documentation states that “Net::HTTP will automatically create a proxy from the … Continue reading

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Nginx, reverse proxies and DNS resolution

Nginx is a pretty awesome high performance web server and reverse proxy. It’s often used in conjunction with other HTTP servers such as Java/Tomcat and Ruby/Unicorn, as it allows static content to be served directly from disk by Nginx and … Continue reading

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Varnish DoS vulnerability

The Varnish developers have recently announced a DoS vulnerability in Varnish (CVE-2013-4484) , if you’re using Varnish in your environment make sure you adjust your configurations to fix the vulnerability if you haven’t already. In a test of our environment, … Continue reading

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