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Easy APT repo in S3

When running a number of Ubuntu or Debian servers, it can be extremely useful to have a custom APT repo for uploading your own packages, or third party packages that lack their own good repositories to subscribe to. I recently … Continue reading

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Thunderbolt and other Macbook hardware issues with Linux

Having semi-recently switched to a Macbook Pro Retina 15″ at work, I decided to give MacOS a go. It’s been interesting, it’s not too bad an operating system and whilst it is something I could use on an ongoing basis, … Continue reading

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Ubuntu, the Windows of the Linux world

Sometimes I do wonder about if Ubuntu is actually the Windows of the Linux world, some of their design decisions, like non-closable restart windows… Thankfully xkill closes *all* windows and leaves no survivors. It’s a shame that the general desktop … Continue reading

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Updated Repositories

I’ve gone and updated my GNU/Linux repositories with a new home page – some of you may have been using this under my previous Amberdms branding, but it’s more appropriate that it be done under my own name these days … Continue reading

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