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Recovering SW RAID with Ubuntu on Amazon AWS

Amazon’s AWS cloud service is a very popular and generally mature offering, but it does have it’s issues at times – in particular it’s storage options and limited debug facilities. When using AWS, you have three main storage options for … Continue reading

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Adventures in I/O Hell

Earlier this year I had a disk fail in my NZ-based file & VM server. This isn’t something unexpected, the server has 12x hard disks, which are over 2 years old, some failures are to be expected over time. I … Continue reading

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Restoring LVM volumes

LVM is a fantastic technology that allows block devices on Linux to be sliced into volumes(partitions) and allows for easy resizing and changing of the volumes whilst running, in a much easier fashion than traditional MSDOS or GPT partition tables. … Continue reading

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Resize ext4 on RHEL/CentOS/EL

I use an ext4 filesystem for a couple large volumes on my virtual machines. I know that btrfs and ZFS are the new cool kids in town for filesystems, but when I’m already running RAID and LVM on the VM … Continue reading

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Hard drives can be bad influences on your RAID

RAID is designed to handle the loss of hard disks due to hardware failure and can ensure continual service during such a time. But hard drives are wonderful creatures and instead of dying quickly, they can often prolong their death … Continue reading

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