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Amberdms Billing System 2.0.1 Release

Just pushed a new stable release of the Amberdms Billing System (version 2.0.1), my open source web-based billing platform that does accounting, invoicing, ISP billing and more. This release is mostly just a bug fix release to correct a few … Continue reading

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Day 22 – Release some software under an open source license that you haven’t released before.

This late post is part of my 30 days of geek challenge. I’ve released a bit of software before under open source licenses – originally mostly scripts and various utilities, before moving on to starting my own open source company (Amberdms … Continue reading

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Introducing o4send

Awhile ago, Amberdms was contracted to develop an application for sending messages to bluetooth enabled mobile phones for the NZ world expo. Essentially the idea was that people would visit the expo, receive a file on their mobiles and receive some awesome content about … Continue reading

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