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The Proprietary Renaissance

noun, re·nais·sance often attributive \ˌre-nə-ˈsän(t)s, -ˈzän(t)s, -ˈsäⁿs, -ˈzäⁿs, ˈre-nə-ˌ, chiefly British ri-ˈnā-sən(t)s\ : a situation or period of time when there is a new interest in something that has not been popular in a long time : a period of … Continue reading

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Yeah, nah, you’re fucked as bro

Today the New Zealand government passed some rather nasty legalisation on a slim 2 vote majority, thanks to the current conservative National party and their political allies, despite strong public opposition and large number of submissions. This new legalisation is … Continue reading

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Marriage Equality

New Zealand has passed legalisation for allowing same-sex marriage this evening! I’m so happy for my many LGBT friends and love the fact that no matter whom any of us love, we can get the same recognition and rights in … Continue reading

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linux.conf.au: day 1

First proper day of linux.conf.au today, starting with breakfast and the quest of several hundred geeks to find and consume coffee. After acquiring coffee, we started the day with a keynote by the well known Bdale Garbee, talking about a … Continue reading

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Occupy My Blog

I’ve been observing the Occupy movement with great interest over the past month. Whilst it’s extremely interesting to note how an online movement has moved into the physical and gone worldwide, it’s been even more interesting to see how society … Continue reading

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