As much as I love a visit to a fine dining establishment such as Ti Kouka, sometimes it’s nice to just have somewhere you can go for a hearty laid back feed, coffee, beer and just enjoy some solid yet tasty food without hurting the budget too much.

Expressoholic has been open for around 24 years, although not always in the same location – first starting off on Willis St, before moving to Courtney Place for 18 years, until a rental dispute forced them to move to Cuba St.

I only became acquainted with Expressoholic after the Cuba St move, which put it right inbetween work and home for both my best mate and myself, making it an ideal option for our brunch and coffee needs.

I feel obligated to point out that for a cafe with a label of “Expressoholic”, their coffee is pretty standard Wellington fare – it’s a decent brew, but nothing that stands above other options in Wellington (in 2012 anyway – when they opened, I expect it would have been a bit of a game changer).

However any concerns about the coffee are forgiven as long as they continue to serve up delicious, well sized and affordable meals with lots of vegetarian options. :-)

Pancakes with berry and marzipan.

Deluxe Nachoes - the ratio of topping to cornchips is very heavily stacked towards the topping, great lunch or dinner option.

Tofu Burger - one of my favourite options, but it's a big meal! Their fries are cooked perfectly too, the exact right crunch.

Depending who's making them, the milkshakes can be average or amazing. Either way, never disappointed.

I rate the food here highly, all the meals are always well prepared to a consistent standard, served promptly and with the range on the menu, there’s always an option regardless of what you fancy that day.

The service is also excellent, with friendly and effective staff including the owner who’s often serving tables and clearing up afterwards.

For added points; unlike many Wellington Cafes, Expressoholic is open into the evenings and has a liquor license, so if you want to enjoy a beer whilst chomping down a hearty plate of nachoes, this is the place to go.

Whilst I’m not a huge fan of their black & white decor, the table art is pretty neat and they recently expanded into the shop next door adding a number of additional tables, since the expansion there’s been a table every time on 99% of our visits – be smart and avoid the typical weekend lunch rush hour though, it is a popular location.

Mirrors showing off your dreamy blogger who you know and love/hate. Note pre-coffee hair.

Expressoholic is located at 136 Cuba St, just a block up from the bucket fountain, well worth a stop whenever in Wellington.

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2 Responses to Expressoholic

  1. Ilaeria says:

    Wait, WHAT? Espressoholic moved??? OMG. I’ve clearly been away too long! I have many a fond memory of stumbling in there late at night after a few rounds of pool and having a coffee to sober up.

    • Jethro Carr says:

      When did you leave NZ? It’s amazing how quickly things change, I notice differences after spending just 8 months in Auckland and then visiting Wellington.

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