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Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant Auckland

I found Sunflower one weeknight when on a quest to find something delicious to eat as a vegetarian that wasn’t some overpriced and unsatisfying yuppie Britomart food. I ended up wandering up High Street and found the Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant … Continue reading

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As much as I love a visit to a fine dining establishment such as Ti Kouka, sometimes it’s nice to just have somewhere you can go for a hearty laid back feed, coffee, beer and just enjoy some solid yet … Continue reading

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Lord of the Fries

As a New Zealander, Australia is always an attractive option to consider as a destination for both holidays and work experiences – better money, better weather (assuming you like heat), more opportunities and a chance to experience living in a … Continue reading

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Delicious Cookies Recipe

I don’t do anywhere near as much baking as I would like to, mostly due to time limitations and the fact that the kitchen in my Auckland apartment isn’t particularly big. One thing that is pretty quick and easy to … Continue reading

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Takapuna Beach Wanders

Because I’m getting nowhere near as much exercise as I previously did in Wellington, I’m trying to get out and do regular walks in Auckland. My currently frequent circuit is around Takapuna and along the beach which is always enjoyable … Continue reading

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Arthur’s on Cuba St Wellington

When I first moved into my flat in Wellington on Thompson St (the infamous #geekflat), the Wellington Bypass had already been completed, providing (depending on who you asked) an excellent improvement to Wellington’s roads or a major clusterfuck. I still … Continue reading

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Shaky Isles Auckland

Having tragically moved to Auckland I’ve been forced to hunt for new food places, which has been a bit harder than it should :-( There’s limited selection of food out where I live in Takapuna – about enough for one … Continue reading

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Melbourne: Day 01

Had a bit of a sleep in on my first full day in Melbourne, eventually @MissNickiBee came and looked at me disapprovingly till I got up off the floor. Start off with coffee and breakfast in a cafe down some … Continue reading

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JJ Murphy’s in Wellington

JJ Murphy’s has been around for a while, located on Cuba St, however it’s only recently that I’ve gone in there for the first time. Whilst Wellington is pretty good for us vegetarians, bars tend to be the one exception … Continue reading

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Deep fried deliciousness: Fisherman’s Plate at Bond St

Whilst I may be a vegetarian, I’ve certainly never claimed to be a *healthy* vegetarian. Its actually surprisingly easy to have an unhealthy diet, such as too much sugar or junk food to counteract the lack of unhealthy fatty meat-based … Continue reading

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