Early Morning Auckland

My good friend @LGnome was transiting via Auckland and had a day to spend up here to see the sights. Naturally I delivered with one near side-swipe, two cars running a red light right in front of us and congested roads.

I also had to get up early (06:00) to get to the airport, before heading into the CBD to get some decent breakfast and coffee and took a few early morning pics – it’s amazing how much nicer Auckland is earlier in the morning when the roads are dead.

Because Shaky Isles doesn’t seem to open before 08:00 on a Sunday, we went for a wander around Auckland for a bit first and I got a few decent pics with my trusty professional grade photographer setup.

Good morning Mr Sun!

I do like Wynyard Quarter's mix of resturants and industry, get some pretty big ships in there at times.

"Gateway To The Cloud" (punny since the Sky Tower is one of NZ's main network exchanges)

No early morning is complete without coffee from Shaky Isles. :-D

Up in Mt Victoria, not a lot of traffic (car or boat) early Sunday morning.

2 thoughts on “Early Morning Auckland

  1. Tempta Ferguson

    I have been receiving emails recently that show they were received in my inbox at ungodly early hours in the morning. To check this I sent myself an email and it was receieved in my Yahoo inbox 5 hours before the time shown in the sent folder. It has something to do with my recent trip to Bangkok, which is 5 hours before Auckland. My laptop clock shows the correct New Zealand time, I changed that when I returned one week ago. Do you know how to fix this problem.

    1. Jethro Carr Post author

      hi Tempta,

      This is entirely the wrong place to post this sort of question… however ignoring that, it sounds like you probably changed your laptop clock to the wrong timezone – even if the time is the correct NZ time, it may be that the timezone is incorrect, which will show the time being incorrect when you email other providers.



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