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Nginx, reverse proxies and DNS resolution

Nginx is a pretty awesome high performance web server and reverse proxy. It’s often used in conjunction with other HTTP servers such as Java/Tomcat and Ruby/Unicorn, as it allows static content to be served directly from disk by Nginx and … Continue reading

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ELBs & Corporate Proxies

Following on from yesterday’s ELB post, it’s worth noting that there’s another common scenario where you can trigger issues when accessing ELBs – many corporates enforce the use of an HTTP proxy for all outgoing traffic, sometimes transparently, other times … Continue reading

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Russian roulette with ELBs and CDNs

In my day job, I look after a number of websites, all of which generally make heavy use of CDNs (Content Distribution Networks) to offload traffic to edge nodes near to an end user’s device. In our case we use … Continue reading

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