JJ Murphy’s in Wellington

JJ Murphy’s has been around for a while, located on Cuba St, however it’s only recently that I’ve gone in there for the first time.

Whilst Wellington is pretty good for us vegetarians, bars tend to be the one exception to the rule, many have just a single vegetarian option or sometimes the only options for us is limited to a bowl of chips or wedges. (This is a most notable problem with travelling, whilst eating meat, student bars were great places to pop into during conferences to get a good solid food at a decent price)

I was pleased to find that not only does JJ Murphy’s have quite a large, dark interior with a good atmosphere, it also has a massive menu of solid meal options, including a couple vegetarian options such as their spinach lasagne.

Spinach lasagne filled with sun dried tomato’s, ricotta cheese, pumpkin and pine nuts served with salad and fries

I was pretty impressed, the above picture doesn’t really do it justice – chips were well done, a decent salad was provided and the lasagne was solid and covered with plenty of delicious cheese and sauce.

One of the issues I’ve found with some vegetarian lasagnes is that they don’t use particularly tasty cheese (looking at *you* wishbone!) so without the meat, they lack any real good flavour, but this one was just excellent.

I’d recommend it and certain be back for more in future. According to my flatmate their coffee was pretty decent, and it seems they have a cheap breakfast special for $6 for both meat eaters and vegetarians, so I might have to pop back to try that out too.

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