AirNZ 747, yay!

For my trip to in Melbourne/Ballarat I had rescheduled my flights from Wellington to Auckland due to the fact that I had booked my flights before my lovely lady dragged me up to Auckland to live with her.

It’s the first time I’ve ever flown out of Auckland International Airport and to my delight, I was booked on an Air New Zealand 747. This is the very first time I’ve even flown on one, and with AirNZ phasing out the 747s in favor of 777s, I’m glad to have been able to flown on one before they got phased out entirely.


I’d also like to add just for @thatjohn, that I got some awesome perks on the flight over, including a smile from a cute attendant and a FREE PEN! \m/


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  1. @thatjohn says:

    If there’s no bubbles on boarding, it’s not a perk. :P

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