Lord of the Fries

As a New Zealander, Australia is always an attractive option to consider as a destination for both holidays and work experiences – better money, better weather (assuming you like heat), more opportunities and a chance to experience living in a true international city.

However I’ve found an even more compelling reason to move, thanks to the wonder known as Lord of the Fries, a Melbourne based takeaway chain.

Lords of the deliciousness!

Looking like a somewhat typical takeaway, it’s not until you read the key bit of the signage up to the left and realize that what you’re looking at, is actually 100% vegetarian takeaways – burgers, hot dogs, onion rings, soy “chicken” nuggets and other delicious items (see their website menu) for the fussy animal loving vegetarians like myself :-D

As per their name, Lord of the Fries pride themselves on their chips – whilst good, I actually don’t rate their chips as highly as others do, possibly I’ve been spoilt growing up in NZ’s fish & chip culture with several good hand cut chip takeaways available to me.

Whilst the chips aren’t amazing, they’re still pretty decent and the sauce selection and serving quality makes up for the chips, with a number of interesting vegetarian or vegan flavors I’d love to try out, along with great serving quantities.

Big hearty sauce servings on deep fried goodness.

However the item on their menu I really loved was their burgers – I tried their “Original Burger” (Patty, Cheese, Pickles, Onion, Lettuce, Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup) which was nothing short of an amazing taste sensation.

It’s pretty easy to get decent gourmet vegetarian burgers in NZ from chains such as Burger Fuel or Burger Wisconsin, however with their options, you definitely know you’re eating a vegetarian burger.

With Lord Of The Fries, I think you could hand a typical meat eater one of their burgers and they won’t realize that they’re not eating meat right away, the burgers have strong flavors, non of the common obvious chickpea taste and really reminds me of the meat-based comfort food of my youth.

Blurry image due to hurry to devour delicious burger.

If you’re visiting Melbourne, try and make a chance to try it at least once whilst there – there are 6 locations in Melbourne’s CBD, so it’s pretty easy to find one.

I’m still ever hopeful that they decide to jump across the ditch and open a store in Wellington…. maybe if I get sick of IT and need a new job I could apply to run a franchise ;-)

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10 Responses to Lord of the Fries

  1. Kyhwana says:


    • Jethro Carr says:

      Mwhahahaa, it’s all part of the rebel vegetarian agenda – first we corrupt your takeaways with delicious vege goodness, next your steak houses, then finally the world!

      • TrojanCentaur says:

        One word Jethro: Bacon.

        You can’t beat the awesomeness that is bacon, no matter how awesome and well-thought out your plans of vegetarian world domination is.

        Seriously, it’s the vegetarian-equivalent of a gateway drug. :3


        • Jethro Carr says:

          Hmmm dunno, after 3+ years of not eating meat, I’m actually a bit repulsed when I smell bacon cooking.

          But yeah – the hardest things for me to give up were: Bacon, Crumbed Fish&Chip shop fish, crunchy chicken and Big Macs.

          • Fiona says:

            I’m exactly the same! I loved bacon as a child but now the smell makes me feel ill, odd because no other cooking meat smell has that effect on me. Most other vegos I know agree. Strange isn’t it?

          • Jethro Carr says:

            I guess it’s due to how strong and distinctive bacon smells – except for maybe a roast, no other meat cooking smells quite as strong or as salty/fatty as bacon.

  2. Mikey Avoc says:

    Ah haha I love how you are obsessed with LotF.

    I had “The African” the other day – tomato sauce, mayonnaise and onions. It was awesome!

    Just one more reason to move to Melbourne, aye Jethro?

    • Jethro Carr says:

      Mate, so, so tempting.

      Dunno how I’ll handle the summers though, Auckland’s heat is already killing me. :-/

  3. Kellie Flower says:

    Nice article!! We love LOTF too, wish they would expand to Brisbane! I must agree with the posters re. bacon (and roast pork for that matter), both my husband and I actually feel sick when smelling it cooking at family do’s. My theory is that it is because pigs are so close to humans gene-wise, it may remind our ancient brain of the smell of our own kind burning…..yuck. Bring on the facon, all the smokey goodness, no vomit!

    • Jethro Carr says:

      Melbourne, Brisbane, then Wellington I hope ;-)

      Your theory is a little concerning, if bacon lovers catch on to this theory, I might be a little bit concerned about being alone in a kitchen with a hungry bacon fan :-/ ;-)

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