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DNC NZ submission

The DNC has proposed a new policy for .nz WHOIS data which unfortunately does not in my view address the current issues with lack of privacy of the .nz namespace. The following is my submission on the matter. Dear DNC, … Continue reading

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Leave them kids alone!

I’ve been reading a disturbing number of articles lately advocating and promoting software solutions for the monitoring of children’s smartphones and computers. I don’t have too much issue with children having software on their computers for filtering access to the … Continue reading

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Mozilla Collusion

This week Mozilla released an add-on called Collusion, an experimental extension which shows and graphs how you are being tracked online. It’s pretty common knowledge how much you get tracked online these days, if you just watch your status bar … Continue reading

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Free At Last

By now I presume you have read my Infodrugs post where I recently decided to take a Twitter holiday. This has now progressed a step further, with me taking steps to terminate my Twitter account entirely. Twitter has been the … Continue reading

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