Freebies: Mobile Devices

As mentioned, I’m trying to clear out a whole bunch of the junk in my flat, aside from my current Trademe listings, I’m going to be giving away freebies.

Today’s freebies are: mobile devices.

I have far too many smart gadgets collected and lying about the flat I need to hand off to a good home. As far as I know, all these devices work,some may need charging or if they have non-rechargeable, might need some new batteries.

Rules: If you want any of these, they’re yours – first come, first served or on a how much Jethro likes you basis. ;-) If you want multiple devices feel free to ask, but I might give one to you and one to another. :-)

The important thing is to just get it all out of my flat and to somewhere useful. ;-)

Palm Zire 31 PDA and NZ charger.

Palm Tungsten E (higher spec than the Zire 31). I have some of the driver disks floating around as well.

Blackberry 7320 (I think?) phone - does basic txting and calls OK and has the full QWERTY keyboard. US-style charger tho, so you'll need to get an NZ adaptor.

B+W Motorola Mobile & assessories - would be a good car phone - pretty sure still have car charger and wired headset, but it's a bit too nasty to txt on.

Sharp EL6810 personal organiser - sorry, no saucy numbers left in memory for single ladies ;-)

G-Shock (or Baby-G?) watch with non-standard strap (original wore out). Needs new batteries, but should go fine otherwise.

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3 Responses to Freebies: Mobile Devices

  1. ashbriar says:


    Late night browsing is gold huh?
    If you like me enough to give me that blackberry ill transfer you the courier fee to the big AK?

    Ill DM you my addy!


  2. john k says:

    if the palm tungsten stil up for grabs i would be intrested, will pay all postagad costs to auck?

  3. Jethro Carr says:

    Everything except the Motorola and the Sharp personal organiser have been claimed now.

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