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The previous owners of our house had left us with a reasonably comprehensive alarm system wired throughout the house, however like many alarm systems currently in homes, it required an analogue phone line to be able to call back to … Continue reading

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Amberdms Billing System 2.0.0

It’s been a long while since my last release of the Amberdms Billing System (ABS), but at last I’ve finished merging in and testing all the new features that were worked on during my time running Amberdms with two other … Continue reading

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RS232 Shifter Board

As part of my project to make an Arduino based watchdog for my home server, I went and picked up a proper soldering iron today and assembled the RS232 Shifter Circuit I had purchased from Sparkfun/Mindkits. I ended up getting … Continue reading

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Android via serial to Arduino

Whilst I’ve been pretty busy lately, I recently made another order from Mindkits and got to work with testing some of my ideas for my Arduino-based remote management solution for my home server. There’s 4 major parts to this solution … Continue reading

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Soldering Adventures

As part of my efforts to learn more about electronics, I recently obtained a power supply kit that breaks the standard 5V USB output into 3.3V and 5V bread-board connectable outputs from Mindkits (who resell Sparkfun kits in NZ, amongst … Continue reading

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Leosticks are a gateway drug

At linux.conf.au earlier this year, the guys behind Freetronics gave every attendee a free Leostick Arduino compatible board. As I predicted at the time, this quickly became the gateway drug – having been given an awesome 8-bit processor that can … Continue reading

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