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Point & click Procmail with MailGuidance

Procmail is a rather old, but still very useful Unix/Linux application commonly used for writing mail filter rules on Linux servers. I typically use it for user-level filtering, such as defining mailbox filters for all my emails. It’s also useful … Continue reading

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Introducing FlatTraffic

FlatTraffic is an AGPL web interface for analyzing NetFlow records and showing statistics designed to make it clear and easy to determine which hosts of the network are consuming data. It’s still in beta stage, the application is functional and … Continue reading

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Mozilla Sync Server RPMs

A few weeks ago I wrote about the awesomeness that is Mozilla’s Firefox Sync, a built-in feature of Firefox versions 4 & later which allows for synchronization of bookmarks, history, tabs and password information between multiple systems. (historically known as … Continue reading

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