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FailberryPi – Diverse carrier links for your home data center

Given the amount of internet connected things I now rely on at home, I’ve been considering redundant internet links for a while. And thanks to the affordability of 3G/4G connectivity, it’s easier than ever to have a completely diverse carrier … Continue reading

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Not all routing is equal

Ran into an interesting issue with my Routerboard CRS226-24G-2S+ “Cloud Router Switch” which is basically a smart layer 3 capable switch running Mikrotik’s RouterOS. Whilst it’s specs mean it’s intended for switching rather than routing, given it has the full … Continue reading

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ip6tables: ipv6-icmp vs icmp

I run a fully dual stacked IPv6+IPv4 network on my servers, VPNs and home network – part of this is that I get to discover interesting new first-adopter pains with living in the future (like Networkmanager/Kernel bugs, Munin being stupid, … Continue reading

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Munin 2.0.x on EL 5/6 with IPv6

I’ve been looking forwards to Munin 2 for a while – whilst Munin has historically been a great monitoring resource, it’s always been a little bit too fragile for my liking and the 2.x series sounds like it will correct … Continue reading

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Keeping Android Wifi Awake

I run a number of backgrounded applications on my Android phone, such as Nagios (server monitoring) CSipSimple (VoIP/SIP), OpenVPN (SSL-based VPN) and IMAP idle (push email). Whilst this does impact battery life somewhat, I’ve got things reasonably well tuned so … Continue reading

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IPv6 Enabled :-)

A while ago I deployed IPv6 to my flat and have been having fun learning and experimenting with the new addressing methods – at some stage I’m sure I’ll write a few bits up, but there’s mountains of information about … Continue reading

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