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Head Crash

Now that I’m back in Wellington, I’ve spent some time going through my boxes of parts relating to my server, and collected all 6 wrecked Seagate hard disks that gave me so much grief last year. My friend @macropiper took … Continue reading

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O-Ring Mod

As much as I love my Das Ultimate Silent keyboard, the one thing that it fails to do is live up to it’s “silent” label. Whilst it’s certainly massively quieter than something like the mighty IBM Model M, it still … Continue reading

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Android via serial to Arduino

Whilst I’ve been pretty busy lately, I recently made another order from Mindkits and got to work with testing some of my ideas for my Arduino-based remote management solution for my home server. There’s 4 major parts to this solution … Continue reading

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Lenovo & tp-fan fun

I quite like my Lenovo X201i laptop, I’ve been using it for a couple years now and it’s turned out to be the ideal combination of size and usability – the 12″ form factor means I can carry it around … Continue reading

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