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Google Play Region Locking

Sadly Android is giving me further reason for dissatisfaction with the discovery that Google Play refuses to correctly detect the current country I’m in and is blocking content from them. Being citizens of New Zealand and living in Australia, both … Continue reading

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Android 4.2.2 Issues

Having just flown from Sydney AU to Christchurch NZ, my Galaxy Nexus suddenly decided to finally offer me the Android 4.2.2 upgrade. Since I got the phone in 2012, it’s been running Android 4.1 – I had expected to receive … Continue reading

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Android ICS & the MTP pain

With Android 3.0, Google switched the way of accessing files on Android devices from USB mass storage device behaviour, to Media Transfer Protocol, a standard initially created by Microsoft, but later developed into part of the USB standard for media … Continue reading

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Android OpenVPN & Jelly Bean

Last night my Galaxy Nexus finally got the Jelly Bean update pushed to it via Over-The-Air – I’m not sure why it’s taken until now to get it, but ICS has been working fine so I never bothered to build … Continue reading

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RS232 Shifter Board

As part of my project to make an Arduino based watchdog for my home server, I went and picked up a proper soldering iron today and assembled the RS232 Shifter Circuit I had purchased from Sparkfun/Mindkits. I ended up getting … Continue reading

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Keeping Android Wifi Awake

I run a number of backgrounded applications on my Android phone, such as Nagios (server monitoring) CSipSimple (VoIP/SIP), OpenVPN (SSL-based VPN) and IMAP idle (push email). Whilst this does impact battery life somewhat, I’ve got things reasonably well tuned so … Continue reading

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DAViCal, awkward name, great features

A reoccurring theme of this blog is that I love to be able to use open standards and open source for storing and accessing my information – biggest example is of course IMAP for email, but I also use tools … Continue reading

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Leosticks are a gateway drug

At linux.conf.au earlier this year, the guys behind Freetronics gave every attendee a free Leostick Arduino compatible board. As I predicted at the time, this quickly became the gateway drug – having been given an awesome 8-bit processor that can … Continue reading

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Mozilla Firefox Sync Awesomeness

When I recently rebuilt my laptop, I switched back from Google’s Chromium browser to instead use Mozilla Firefox. Whilst I really liked Chromium, there were a few specific reasons which push me more towards Firefox: I trust the Mozilla Foundation … Continue reading

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100% pure freedom phone?

As per my earlier rant about Android’s openness, I’m not particularly happy with all the binary components on my phone, nor am I particularly happy with the Android Market’s control and lack of clarity around licensing. There’s multiple issues with … Continue reading

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