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Pimping my ride with high pitch painful sounds

I got my car back from the repair shop on Friday following it’s run in with the less pleasant residents of Auckland, with all the ignition and dash repaired. Unfortunately the whole incident costs me at least $500 in excess … Continue reading

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Takapuna to Devonport

Working from home for the past 7+ months has left me with strong urges to get out and about on the weekends, least I go crazy from being coped up inside – whilst my inner geek urges to sit infront … Continue reading

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My apartment, the death trap

I currently live in a modern apartment complex in Auckland, coming with lots of modern features including networked fire alarms, heat sensors and stupid varying sizes of non-energy efficent light bulbs. The apartment alarm system is quite simple – if … Continue reading

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Grand Theft Auto

Had a wonderful wake up this morning with a call from my property manager, advising that thieves had attempted to steal my car. Apparently a tenant called in 111 around 7am in the morning, finding my car with the lights … Continue reading

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Auckland Harbour

Took this on my way into Auckland CBD for Wordcamp this morning – Auckland has a lot of faults, but it is quite a pretty region (or would be without the massive sprawl and motorways all over it).

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Rangitoto Island Adventures

Due to excessive homesickness for Wellington’s hills lately, I decided that it would be nice to visit the next best thing and go climb the local volcano –  Rangitoto Island. Rangitoto makes up part of the Auckland Volcanic Field, erupting … Continue reading

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Why I hate DSL

I’m living around 8km from the center of Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, with only 8 mbits down and 0.84 mbits upstream in a very modern building with (presumably) good wiring installed. :'( The above is what happens to your … Continue reading

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Living Without Twitter

It’s been an interesting 10+ days since I took my twitter holiday and 4+ days since I deleted my account. It’s been interesting, not a total success yet, I do use my placeholder account from time-to-time to check out the … Continue reading

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Takapuna Beach Wanders

Because I’m getting nowhere near as much exercise as I previously did in Wellington, I’m trying to get out and do regular walks in Auckland. My currently frequent circuit is around Takapuna and along the beach which is always enjoyable … Continue reading

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Shaky Isles Auckland

Having tragically moved to Auckland I’ve been forced to hunt for new food places, which has been a bit harder than it should :-( There’s limited selection of food out where I live in Takapuna – about enough for one … Continue reading

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