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Git & GitHub Enabled

I’ve been developing software for a little while now and have build up a few repositories for my applications, with all my open source ones being available publicly. Sometimes people find some of my applications useful and I get thanks, … Continue reading

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Amberdms Billing System 2.0.0

It’s been a long while since my last release of the Amberdms Billing System (ABS), but at last I’ve finished merging in and testing all the new features that were worked on during my time running Amberdms with two other … Continue reading

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Having moved to AU means that I now have two cell phones – one with my AU SIM card and another with my NZ SIM card which I keep around in order to receive the odd message from friends/contacts back … Continue reading

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Holy Relic of the Server Farm

At work we’ve been using New Relic, a popular software-as-a-service monitoring platform to monitor a number of our servers and applications. Whilst I’m always hesitant of relying on external providers and prefer an open source solution where possible, the advantages … Continue reading

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NamedManager 1.5.1

I’ve pushed a new release of NamedManager version 1.5.1, this release is a minor bug fix release providing: Bug fix for handling of TXT records, where extra slashes would be entered into the record due to an input validator bug. … Continue reading

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Presenting NamedManager

A while ago I had a project to build a DNS management application for a client, which has since been refined and improved further, and finally released as “NamedManager” now that I’ve had time to re-do the documentation for a … Continue reading

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Point & click Procmail with MailGuidance

Procmail is a rather old, but still very useful Unix/Linux application commonly used for writing mail filter rules on Linux servers. I typically use it for user-level filtering, such as defining mailbox filters for all my emails. It’s also useful … Continue reading

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Radius Rapid Rotate (R3)

I’ve been spending a bit of time lately going through my private source code repositories and tidying up things for public release. A while ago I had a customer who required their FreeRadius traffic accounting logs to be collected from … Continue reading

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Introducing FlatTraffic

FlatTraffic is an AGPL web interface for analyzing NetFlow records and showing statistics designed to make it clear and easy to determine which hosts of the network are consuming data. It’s still in beta stage, the application is functional and … Continue reading

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Cuckoo Clock NZ

Having arrived in Sydney, I’m staying with some of Lisa’s relatives who have kindly provided us with a room for a while until we get our own place sorted out. One of the things they have in their house, is … Continue reading

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